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 Zhejiang Dingli Tianyi Auto Parts Stock Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993.It is located in the east coastal of Taizhou Zhejiang that is Yangtze River delta high speed economic area. Over past 23 years, through employee unremitting efforts, already have become studying, manufacturing, selling & testing for famous automobile of an integral whole Zhejiang Province specialized enterprise, have stronger ad vantage in market competition.

Our major accessory parts such as auto safety belt, electric (hand) glass-frame riser, handbrake, lock, shock absorber, pedal &auto parts, at the same time we producing auto stamping & plastic decorations. Our company successively has passed CCC safety certificate and TS16949 industry quality system certificate, makes product quality get entire process control.

Company rapid development can't be without from modern scientific management systems:
¡ñOrganization setup of flatting, command unimpeded, efficacy is high.
¡ñ Various rules perfects, and gains employee common view, be had an effect to carry out.
¡ñ Carry out achievement effect check-up system into practice, incentive extremely mobilized employee's enthusiasm.
¡ñ Strengthen training, improving employee skills, development employee ability and use employee intelligence.
¡ñReinforce after service, allocation service vehicle factory, can resolve problem in assorting, in the first time feedbacks information, improving enterprise credit degree, build strategic cooperative partnership with the customer.
Our company's purpose is ¡°educate people, harmonious
development, expand enterprise, feedback society.¡±

Zhejiang Dingli Tianyi Auto Parts Stock Co.,Ltd. will as always, design and develop height product, with customer conspires great cause & win-win situation in future.



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Add:Yuxian Industry Zone Yongquan Town Linhai City Zhejiang(HQ)
Tel:0576-85670098 5670078
Add:No.415 East Road Luqiao Town Taizhou City Zhejiang(Branch)
Tel:0576-82505093 82505093
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